Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Our "obsessed alienator" is repeated and habitual in her bullying. Obtaining a restraining order only lasts for so long with her in her repeated attempts to contact us. We've made it explicit that we're not interested in what she has to say (her delusions) and she needs to go away and leave us alone. She seems incapable of understanding and can't help herself in her compulsion to stalk and harass. Jodi has had 19 going on 20 years to resolve this issue with Ron and myself and move on while the children were minors which she refused to do. Any input from her now isn't wanted, desired or pertinent. She remains "stuck in her sh#@" while Ron and I have moved on. Now Ron's children are adults with their own children. I've said repeatedly that if they have an issue with me, Susan, to get on the phone and we can discuss it to resolve any issue they have with me. Neither of them has chosen to do this. So, once again from my perspective their silence implies their consent. Further, their father Ron has offered the same. When talking to his son Ron, there was negative heckling from someone, probably Jodi, in the background. He told his son to call him back to talk when she wasn't present. He never chose to call his father back. The phone conversation with his daughter, Shelby, informing him that he had done things that were not true and never happened quickly ended the conversation on both their parts. She has not called him back either, This is on both of them as adults. Many things happen in life when "Mommy" won't be there to intervene on their behalf as adults. This is one of them. As difficult as it may be for both of them to do, that is part of being a grown up. If both of them think that they are capable to have children, get married or have a relationship with a partner, hold a job and live on their own as an adult. Then surely, they can handle a phone call to their father and myself without their mother's presence or influence. If not, isn't it time to cut the apron strings and behave as a adult to resolve this difficult issue on their own??

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