Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Vindication for Ron--After 20 Years!!

Below is a quote from Jodi's blog site regarding Ron and I in which she finally admits the allegations of child abuse were false.  Finally!  It has taken 20 years to get here.  Such a pity that so much unnecessary pain and suffering occurred during those two decades because of a narcissistic parent.

She wasn't raped and child services already validated that she had made things up about her nephew and my children.


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    1. Yes she admitted to lying and Jennifer made amends to Ron for doing so. Not that you ever have. You have never taken any responsibility for the pain and suffering you've caused him and his children and grandchildren because of your madness. Making up a deluded fantasy to justify running off with Donald while abducting Shelby and Ronald is your demise. I will always be your Nemesis...sharing the TRUTH and Justice will prevail on Ron and his children and grandchildren's
      behalf. As I've said before "I will see to it"!! You also seem to forget Jodi that an investigation was completed by CPS and NONE of the allegations were substantiated. They were proven to be false. Once again...YOU LIE!!

    2. BTW, Jodi the story of being a young adolescent sexually abused by an older man in actuality is your story. It is what happened between yourself and one of your adult family members isn't it? To my understanding that is how you got pregnant with your first child that the State of Washington removed from your care because of your incompetence as a mother. You are projecting to Ron and Jennifer what in reality happened to you and an uncle. Pretty sad, sick and are.