Being The Targeted Parent

This is the parent who is the victim of the "obsessed alienator". The "targeted parent" is denigrated by the obsessed alienator, vilifying them in their need to destroy any relationship between the other parent and child.  In Ron's case he noted a change occur in Jodi shortly after Shelby was born.  Because of the relentless stalking and bullying by Jodi, Ron found it necessary to go to court and obtain a restraining order.

There are web pages that Jodi has put up in her effort to denigrate Ron as the "targeted parent" and now me too. During the course of her denigration we've endured being called a mentally ill escapee and accomplice, a delusional psychotic schizophrenic, stalkers, harassers, predators, pedophiles, drug addicts, drunkards and even murdrers as she terrorizes Ron's children, Shelby and Ronald in her attempts at vilification.  She has included my friends, my dead parents and my adult son Tim in her ambitions to denigrate me as well.  She is willing to make false assertions but doesn't have the integrity to put her name to the inaccurate information she wants to share.  Look for yourself...this is what it is like to be -"The Targeted Parent" of a stage 3, obsessed alienator ; has been removed from overblog website because of terms of use violations) 
Just how far will an obsessed alienator and her accomplice/enabler go to alienate a father from his children to meet their own needs and agenda? Here is one for you.  They're willing to go so far as to have the biological father's name removed from the child's birth certificate and replaced with the step father's name. What an act of desperation and a violation of Ron's paternal rights in their need to perform a "Parentectomy". Can't change the DNA though.  They both look just like their father Ron, right down to their blond hair and blue eyes.   Neither of them look anything like Donald.  Not only did they abduct, Shelby and Ronald, intentionally hid them from Ron; then even went so far as to have Ronald Cornett's name removed from their birth certificates as the biological father. Jodi and Donald needed to create a perfect little family for themselves so badly that they even went to that extreme. Some obsessed alienators go so far as to tell the children the "targeted parent" is dead. So I guess, this is pretty close to the next best thing to that. We've been told in hostile anonymous emails that appear to be from his children that they "hate" us and that we are "dead" to them.  I'm not surprised. Jodi has gotten her way as the alienating parent with her brainwashing in forming what I call The Cult of Jodi.  Well, Jodi and Donald, Ronald is quite alive and well. Ron is still Shelby and Ronald's matter what you do. Just like you can't re-write the science of their DNA, you can't rewrite the history of their births.  Ron is the one that named both of them at their births. His son, Ronald Daniel is named for himself and his own father. Shelby Sue is named for Ron's Mom, Shelby and his sister Sue. Are you going to take that away from Shelby and Ronald too?? You self serving ....narcissists.  You've stolen their last name of "Cornett" which is Identity Theft?  The identity of Ron's grandson Lucas with his last name and legacy of "Cornett" has been stolen as well which I elaborate on in this blog A Grand Child's Legacy--Stolen.   As I've said before, "Every time you look into, "The  Eyes of the Children", YOU WILL ALWAYS SEE THEIR FATHER, RONALD." I hope that look burns a hole straight to your very soul, Jodi. I'm beginning to think more and more, that Jodi has no soul. It is looking like she truly is a delusional Psychopath and/or pathological liar. Which most stage 3 obsessed alienators are. I guess she would have need to be, to do what she has been capable of doing.  Ron and I are not going anywhere.  We will be here as a constant reminder to everyone and anyone who will listen, of the unscrupulous acts of these heinous individuals, Jodi and Donald have committed.  So when Jodi complains and is fearful about Ron's anger......Is there any wonder why he's angry?   Can't say I blame him for one moment for being angry considering what Jodi and Donald have done.  From my perspective he has handled all of this extremely well.  I don't believe I could be as tolerant and as patient with the pair of them in their insanity as he has........all for the LOVE of his children.

"Justice will be is just a matter of time"