Monday, June 1, 2015

Eyes of the Children

Listen to the Words......We're never giving up "Hope" that Ron's children and grandchildren will be recovered from their abduction and be reunited with him.

As I've told Jodi many times over the years....every time you look into "The Eyes of the Children", Shelby and Ronald, you will "Always" see their father, Ron. In recent years there have been two more sets of eyes added to the "Eyes of the Children".  That of Ron's grandchildren, Korah and Lucas.  You Jodi- the Psychopathic Obsessed Alienator, Child Abductor and Child Abuser will face the consequences of the sadistic abuse, pain and suffering you have inflicted upon the five of them. I hope that look burns a hole to your very soul......Oh, that's right; Jodi is  a "Psychopath"....they don't have souls, empathy or compassion for others. All that matters is their own agenda. Her convoluted schemes of manipulation;  is not protection of Ron's children.  That is "abuse".  The creation of smoke and mirrors to contrive a false illusion of "protection" as a diversionary tactic to keep the "truth" from being known about what her real agenda was....To steal Ron's children, all of his possession's and run off with another man.  Jodi's narcissitic enabling "Sugar Daddy", Donald Wayne Griffing who funded her children's abduction and alienation from their father, Ron.  Just like Jodi putting up her false allegations and pictures on her vitriolic websites (if you choose to go there) of Ron and myself (did you notice we're smiling and living a happy life?)  Another diversionary tactic to keep from admitting the "reality" of what she did. Ever since she abducted Shelby and Ronald she has tried to turn everything around on us, to make us the "bad people" who his children need to be protected from. What a bunch of  BULL!! I have chosen to remove any of the links to her websites.  It is a ridiculous waste of anyone's time and energy because of her vitriolic and delusional thinking.....that Ron wants to have a relationship with her or that I helped Ron escape from a mental institution?  She continues to be "out there"...and "out to lunch"....whatever....shakes head. Deluded.  She just doesn't get it and to my understanding, she never will; that what he wants is a relationship with his children, grandchildren and specifically...not her; which she stole from all of them.  She seems to be so enmeshed with his children/grandchildren that she can't tell the difference.  That is right up there with Jodi, hacking into my Facebook account trying to rally support and emailing all of my 100+ friends and family telling them she didn't know who Ron and I were in her failed attempt of trying to divide and conquer.  I thought that rather bizarre; claiming she didn't know the "father" of her own children.  Another false illusion.  Informing everyone that she had called the police because we had put up pictures on our pages of Ron's children. As well as passing around an old police report from 20+ years ago that isn't relevant to anything currently.  All that happened is a truck Ron was buying drifted off the road.  The police were called and it needed to be towed. Once again, Talk about..."out there".  Misconstrueing a situation and trying to turn it into something else....A Lie!!  You Jodi, insulted Ron's and my family & friends with your outrageous behavior of your false allegations.  They know Ron & I for who and what we are.  Not one of them believed you...ever. Only the naïve and ignorant people not savvy enough to see through your manipulations are controlled by you and your "gaslighting". It was another example of her Abuse by Proxy?  An FYI for Jodi and anyone else who cares,  Ron has talked to the authorities in Montana, long before you started harassing us with your stalking phone calls, emails and websites.  They know where he if you contacted them, you didn't share anymore info with them then they already had.  BTW, David McCarthy isn't there and hasn't been for almost 20 years.  He was already gone by the time I moved there in 1999.  Isn't it about time you get "current and get with the program?"  The response I got from my friends and family was, who in the hell is this "crack pot"? I've had to block her from my Facebook page more then once because of the "harassment" and so have my friends and family. All because she can't handle Ron & I claiming Ron's children, and now his grandchildren too, as his own.  "Reality Check"....again. They're "HIS" children-grandchildren and always will be.  Hiding them, a name change and having another man adopt them as the step father because of her delusional paranoia doesn't change the fact Ron is their biological father. This is History, you can't rewrite because you don't like the reality of it.  Now on top of enough evidence against Jodi for a "Defamation of Character" Lawsuit, she has provided me with enough evidence to bring an additional lawsuit against her for "Harassment" if and when I choose to spend the time to do so.  Ron has already found it necessary because to get a restraining order because she wouldn't leave him alone. I have no more patience for you Jodi...go away, leave me alone and get a life.  Ron and I've repeatedly tried to compromise with you which you have chosen to ignore. It seems, you would rather hold on to your misconstrued delusional fantasies. So now you will live with the consequences and ramifications of that decision.  I've exposed Jodi Rae Ross Griffing, for everyone in the world to know, she is nothing but a manipulative, delusional, narcissistic psychopath--a bully and a con artist. Using anybody or anything she can to promote herself.....even her own children, her grandchildren, Ron, a young teenage girl, myself, my son, my friends, my dead parents and my dead friend and his family as well. Jodi, if you think you've won. You haven't.....because you don't know how to "Love".  You've lost before any of this started.  That is why "We are the Champions" and you're not.  Neither is any other parent who chooses to alienate their children from their other parent just as you have.
In the're nothing but a lonely antisocial "loser" who needs like I said go away, get a life and the mental health help that you need.  Oh yeah that's already blew that because of your own misguided self righteous arrogance. Well then isn't it time for you to go away, leave me alone and crawl back under your rock again to hide, again?  You who won't put a name to what you write or take responsibility for anything you do or say with any kind of credibility, integrity or character and needless to say "come clean" and make amends.  Oh, that is right....Psychopaths lack personal responsibility, integrity and character too.  No wonder why you are the way you are and haven't made amends for all of the damage you've caused to those you profess to "Love".  So, sad for you.  Even sadder for those you've chosen to hurt because of your narcissism.  Here are a couple of links for you to read and educate yourself, about yourself.
Psychopathy-sick and untreatable
Treatment for the Obsessed Alienator and Child

Ronald Cornett named both of his children at their births.

They have his blond hair and blue eyes.
His daughter, Shelby Sue is named for his mother Shelby and his sister Sue.
His son, Ronald Daniel is named for himself and his father.

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