Friday, March 10, 2017

The Abusive Denigration and Vilification of Parental Alienation Continues...20 Years Later

Below is a message that was left on my FB page from a Bryan Oberst who is someone I do not know.  His comments are in black and my response is in Blue  (Probably Ron's children, Shelby and Ronald along with their mother Jodi.  All 3 of them seem to enjoy tag teaming me in their bullying campaign of denigration, vilification and abuse as taught to Shelby and Ronald by their alienating mother Jodi) 

Bryan Oberst You have no right posting our children or us. We are adults and those are our children  Bryan, if you are referring to Ron's children and grandchildren, I disagree.  Those are his/our family members that we are reaching out to communicate with.  Furthermore, if  Shelby or Ronald have an issue with what we are doing they themselves as adults need to contact us as themselves to resolve this issue.  Not someone neither of us know. 

You are a proven liar and a proven pedophile. You are wrong.  That is a lie.  There is no evidence or documentation anywhere to substantiate that false allegation as being the truth.  There NEVER has been any proof.....EVER!!  Only Jodi and her deluded fantasies.  Just because Jennifer agreed doesn't mean it was legal by any term sicko!!!  Jennifer never agreed to anything because nothing ever happened between Ron and her.  That is another deluded fantasy; a false allegation made up by Jodi.  Another LIE!!

 Well if they were unsubstantiated then there would not be a reason for the state to remove them and continue to ask the children be kept away.  None of the allegations were proven to be true.  After the false allegations were submitted to CPS Ron was asked to either leave the home himself or have the children removed from the home during the CPS investigation.  He, as their father, chose to leave them in the home and moved out on a temporary basis while the investigation was completed.  During the investigation a temporary restraining order was in place.  This is consistent with how these situations are handled. To my understanding it lasted at maximum of only 90 days.  Once the investigation was completed and the temporary restraining expired there wasn't any further reason for him and the children to be kept apart because nothing was substantiated to have had any merit or truth to the allegations.  They were false.  However,  meanwhile, during the investigation Donald came up from Oklahoma and assisted Jodi in abducting Shelby and Ronald by moving all three of them to his home in Guymon, Oklahoma without Ron's permission or consent.  Ron has not seen his children since.  Parent bashing is all that is seen by you. If that is all you choose to see then that is what you choose to see in your reality.  Posting your views and opinions over Court documents is not fact.   Interpret our views or opinions as you will.  Just as you can interpret the court documents as you will.  His word over fact is not fact.   His word of living it, is his experience.  Make of it what you will as well.  Also the fact that you block the mothers comments on here prove that you are hiding from the facts and you don't want the truth known to others.   You seem to not be able to realize that you or anyone else are coming to my page where I make the decisions of who and what I allow to post here.  If I do not appreciate absurd, negative lies and comments on my page, I will delete them.  That is a fact. The fact that you can't handle being confronted about the lies you tell show you are hiding.  Confront me with any lies as you will and they will be discounted and refuted as not being factual or true. I am not hiding anything for there is nothing to hide. Then going to a girl he had a relation ship with when he was 30 some years old and she was 14 is child molestation Once again, that is a lie.  Not factual.  No merit or truth.  It is a false allegation. A LIE!! and you are still hoping to victimize her by trying to get her to keep her approval and stay quiet. Once again that is not true.  Only your speculation.  A hateful rumor.  A LIE made up by Jodi.   To late. Her Posts And Messages Are Turned over to her mother and the sheriff in Montana.  Okay.  So what. Trying to prove something to be true that isn't is a LIE!!  Trying to connect the dots with speculation and innuendo is creating a ludicrous rumor.  Not factual.  The lunacy of it only makes me laugh.  Out there and out to lunch once again in your insanity.....Jodi???....shakes head.  I guess if you need to waste your time by being vindictive by using a young woman's email to misconstrue it into something it isn't I find you to be very sick and sad.  From the emails I saw she never said anyone's name (a male) either.  You are the one victimizing her by trying to imply she said and did things she didn't. You are victimizing both her and Ron in your deceitful need to fulfill your sick and twisted delusion.  Your negative agenda.  Shame on you for being you.  I will chastise you for being the abuser you are.  Typical behavior for a conniving narcissist.  Depraved and Appalling!!  Like when Jodi tried to get Ron arrested for stealing his own car in Montana.  Just not happening...LOL!!.  I was there and spoke with the sheriff who said if you kept calling them they were going to bring charges against you Jodi for making a false police report.     
Posting us when you are asked not to shows how sick selfish and evil you are. Well, if Shelby or Ronald don't have the moxy to confront me as themselves and resolve their issues with me as reasonable adults, then that is on them.  No "normal" person does what you do!   Really?? This is not a "normal" situation either.  No normal or mentally healthy individual/parent abducts and brainwashes her children to believe things happened to them that didn't either.  Ron has offered to pay for his children to get the mental health counselling they both need to come to terms with the reality of what happened to them and they have chosen no to.  So them not taking personal responsibility for their own issues is on them as the adults they claim to be.  That is part of being a mature and responsible adult.  No one wants either of you in our lives or around our kids. Okay, that is Shelby and Ronald's prerogative.  Ron is a pedophile   No he isn't.  Not true.  A lie. No proof.  Only a false allegation.  Again, Shame on you for making up a lie...and passing around rumors and gossip.  That is Defamation of Character and you can be sued for saying something that duragatory because it is not true..  with drug addictions not true, except for chewing tobacco...hahaha!! and mental illnesses and you met him while he was in the mental health facility and helped him escape!! Oh make me laugh..again....hahaha!  I never helped him escape.  Another lie!!  Only your need to gossip and create a rumor that isn't true.  He chose to walk away from the facility on his own when he was ready to leave.  I had nothing to do with it.  Plus, it was 18 years ago and to be honest, none of yours or anyone else's damn business.  Talk about the need for meddling, mellow drama and misconstruing a situation.  I didn't know where he was for quite a while until he made his way from Washington state to Montana and either his mother Shelby or his sister Sue told me where he was.  I can't remember for sure which one at this point in time because it has been so long ago. You are just as sick as he is!!! Give it a rest.  You're just as fruit loopy as Jodi..a delusional narcissist.  Leave us and our kids alone you freaky bored jealous old bat!  Well it is apparent that you haven't bothered to get to know me for who and what I am,  especially if you think I'm bored and jealous.  To bad for you.  However, you are seeming to be just as toxic as Jodi and maybe we aren't missing so much if that is who and what you are.  Another mentally ill narcissist that has been abused by her/his mother? What are you going to do? Pass this child abuse down the family line like Lucinda passed it on to Jodi??  Jodi passing it on to Shelby and Ronald??  Shelby and Ronald passing it on to their children Lucas, Korah and Shelby's new baby??  That is what happens with this kind of child abuse unless the people who need counselling getting the help they need.  It is apparent that you haven't learned to discern the difference between gossip, rumor and truth.  Probably due to poor parenting.  You are both insane nut jobs that both spell lying incorrectly!! Give it a rest....again.  Petty...much?? is hard to be patient with your immature impudence.  So what if I inadvertently mispell a word now and then.  At least I'm not brainwashing my children to believe they were abused when they weren't.  No one here cares what you have to say! Okay, Then why do you or whoever you are keep coming up with fictitious aliases to try to convince me of the latter??  We were not brain washed just because you want us to think that. Well, you are brainwashed and until you come to terms with the "truth" and the abuse you have suffered you are doomed to be just as mentally ill as your mother, Jodi.  Go get the mental health help that you need so that you don't pass this on to your own children.  Maybe that is something to consider rather then keep having babies like Jodi did and then turn around and abuse them just as she did.  There is a good reason why Jodi lost custody of ALL four of her children.  Karma that she created for herself perhaps??  Her incompetence as a mother due to her mental illness that she never took personal responsibility for?? Are you going down the same demented pathway too??  Any body can make a baby. Not everyone can be a competent parent.  Jodi is proof of that, as well as Donald.  You can post forever. I will keep posting.  This kind of child abuse needs to be brought into public awareness for Ron's children and grandchildren's sake first and then the rest of the world's population.  We will still hate you both forever  Why?  Because you don't want to come to terms with the abuse you've suffered by your mother and the truth we tell??  To bad for you.  Here is a link that you may find helpful regarding Parental Alienation as a Cult.  You need to be deprogrammed.

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