Saturday, January 16, 2016

Ron's Letter to Jodi on FB

This is my response to Jodi Ross/ Griffing's stalking of Susan and myself. I tried to put this on her "" page but it did not post. Feel free to comment on the subject matter on my page or visit her page and comment.
Why are you doing this to me Jodi and Shelby? You cannot go around defaming, harassing, calling me a child stalker, and a child molester. You know it's not true. None of these people on this page really know what you are. They just feel sorry for you because you are DIEING. I will get the statements that were made on this page from FB. You know, the one that calls me a child molester and a stalker!! If Shelby has been brainwashed into thinking I, her father raped her, all she needs to do is obtain the CPS records in Montana that clearly clears me of molestation and your newest allegation of rape!!! How did you ever brainwash my daughter into thinking a four year old could be raped and the rape be undetectable?? Does Shelby think she can just walk into a courtroom and say someone raped her and they just go to prison? WITHOUT EVEDENCE? BECAUSE HER MOM TOLD HER IT HAPPENED. BECAUSE HER MOM BRAINWASHED HER INTO THINKING IT HAPPENED? If this was the case you would not have failed so many times with your lies to the police. This is the reason you left Montana in the middle of the CPS investigation is it not?? You conspired with Donald Griffing to abduct and hide my children under the false pretense of child molestation that grew into rape. Then added my son to the agenda. Can my daughter be that stupid?? If she is, then GET THE CPS RECORDS SHELBY!!! It does not take a genius to see your manipulation and the reasoning behind your insanity. And just to clear up some family issues about the other two children you had taken from you by Washington authorities. I think your children being taken from you is what turned you into a psychopath! That is the story you are going to leave as your legacy?? It might last a while; that is until our children smarten up and put the discrepancies of your lies together. I will make the truth available to them whether they want it or not IT WILL BE THERE FOR THEM. ALL THEY NEED IS TO WANT THE TRUTH ABOUT YOU. I HAVE TOLD THEM WHERE TO LOOK. Because I only have two children which you and Donald abducted, and hid them!! You send our friends messages telling them we are child molesters and stalkers when you instigated this whole thing in 2010??? Did it ever occur to you that these are OUR FRIENDS?? LOYAL FRIENDS! Loyalty is something you know nothing about unless it is pertaining to your lies. And that maybe they will forward this BS to us?? Are you that stupid? KARMA IS HAVING ITS WAY WITH YOU NOW ISN'T IT? I COULD NOT HAVE SENTENCED YOU BETTER MYSELF. GOD IS ON MY SIDE. A pair of WINGS?? HA HA HA DON'T YOU NEED A PAIR OF HORNS AND A TRIDENT WHERE YOUR GOING?? OH BY THE WAY DON'T FORGET GREG WILL BE THERE ON YOUR JUDGEMENT DAY, I GAURANTEE IT. REMEMBER THE BATHTUB? THAT WAS ALL ABOUT YOUR LIES. HA HA HA EAT ME !
PS I made a copy of this truth and put it on my fb page using my real name. I don't need to hide any of this from MY FRIENDS. Susan says the same goes for her.

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