Thursday, October 10, 2013

Guilt of Adult Children of Parental Alienation

Adult children of Parental Alienation abuse often carry a heavy burden of guilt for what they 'think' they did to the Alienated parent and/or that parent's family...this guilt may constantly determine the Adult child's reasoning for not initiating contact and not responding to other's contact attempts. Until this guilt is realized as false guilt based on false reasons, thoughts and/or beliefs and is certainly not justifiable, that burden will remain an obstruction.
Keep trying to let your Adult child know you do not hold them responsible for choices they were forced to make as a child.

How may their thinking change when they do realize this fallacy?

''Feeling guilty does not mean I am guilty. I had to think about this statement a LOT in the process of recovering my self-esteem. I had examine what I was taught was the truth, and realize what was actually the truth.'' ~ Darlene Ouimet
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