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Ronald Cornett's Story of Parental Alienation

"The Ultimate Hate Crime"

"Hatred is not an emotion that comes naturally to a child.  It has to be taught.  A parent who would teach a child to hate the other parent represents a grave and persistent danger to the mental and emotional health of that child."           
       The Honourable Judge Gomery of Canada

In 1997 my partner Ronald Cornett had his two children, Shelby and Ronald abducted from his home in Kalispell, Montana. What is so sad is the person who abducted his children was their own biological mother, Jodi Rae Ross Griffing and her then boyfriend Donald Wayne Griffing. Violating Ron's paternal rights as the biological father by way of custodial interference they stole the children and all of Ron's belongings. Which they loaded up in a u-haul truck, took across state lines without Ron's permission or consent and absconded to Donald's home in Guymon, Oklahoma. For two years Ron did not know exactly where his children were until late in 1999. Imagine not knowing where your children are for even one day, let alone two years. There they've hidden Shelby and Ronald from Ron and his Cornett family all these years. Amidst numerous lies, not only to Ron, but the children, Ron's parents and extended family as well as to the courts. Jodi has insisted for years that there is a "no third party contact restraining order", to keep Ron and his family at bay. Well, it turns out there isn't a "no third party contact restraining order". It never existed. It was a lie. Because of this lie and numerous others perpetrated by Jodi, the children have been alienated from not only their biological father Ron, but their biological grandparents and the extended Cornett family as well. Essentially, a "Parentectomy" was performed by Jodi and Donald displaying their blatant disregard of an established loving relationship Ron had with Shelby and Ronald since their births. It is cruel and appalling that Shelby and Ronald have been denied access to their biological father, true family and lineage all these years because of their mother's maliciousness. Jodi will stop at nothing in her quest to continue the obsessive alienation while she currently stalks and harasses us.

In the mean time, back in 1998, Jodi and Donald were married. Jodi changed her name from Ross to Griffing and was able to obtain primary custody of the children in Oklahoma by keeping them intentionally hidden from Ron and his family. Eventually, she changed Shelby and Ronald's identities by changing their last names from Cornett to Griffing and having Ron's name removed from their birth certificates as their father.  Donald Griffing's name was inserted as the father instead of Ron's.  Each child has two birth certificates on file with the Pierce County Court House in Washington State.  The original, with Ron as the paternal birth father.  The second with Donald as the father.  Both of these events occurred as a result of the custodial interference without Ron's permission or consent. Once again his paternal rights as their biological father was violated by Jodi and Donald because of their malicious abuse and manipulation of the judicial system.

More time passes and in 2006 Donald divorces Jodi. Kicks her out of the house and assumes primary custody of Ron's two children. Could this have been Donald's hidden agenda and plan all along?? You see, we've been informed that Donald could not have any children of his own, so he literally went and stole someone else's, right out of the safety of their own home provided by their loving father, Ron. After performing a "parentectomy" he then stepped into Ron's role as their father. That is where we stand today. Ron's children, Shelby and Ronald are not in the primary custody of either of their biological parents. Nor are they using their real last names they were born with, Cornett, as stated on their original birth certificates, but Griffing. The "Griffing's" are not their true family. Because of our recent attempts to contact Shelby and Ronald Jodi has insisted that all contact between Shelby, Ronald and the Cornett family be cut off.  Now if that isn't vindictive manipulation of her own children to maintain her control of them...I don't know what else you would call it.  We have faith that Shelby and Ronald will eventually grow tired of being held hostage in mind, body and soul by their mother after realizing the lies and deception and will separate themselves for their own sakes.

Amidst years of deception and brainwashing (Parental Alienation and Stockholm Syndromes) the children are not only alienated from their biological father, but their biological grandparents and extended family as well. Such a sad, sad story compounded by the self centeredness of Jodi and Donald's, manipulation and mental illness. Ron has not lost hope of ever being vindicated of the malevolent lies told by Jodi, which she has used to brainwash Shelby and Ronald, and being reunited with his children.

Shelby and Ronald have been reported as being abducted to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children from their home with Ron in Kalispell, Montana where they resided at the time they were taken. An investigation is currently under way to see if criminal charges will be brought against Jodi and Donald. Case workers have been guiding and assisting Ron in reconnecting with his children.

Parental Alienation is a form of mental and emotional abuse of the affected children and targeted parent. From my perspective it is also "The Ultimate Hate Crime" because it promotes hatred and denigration vilifying the targeted parent by the obsessed alienator. In this case Jodi and her accomplice, Donald . The children are victim's as well because they are the pawns of the obsessed alienator's need to win the prize-"the children", at any cost, any lie, any story, no matter what. They have been taught to "hate" their biological father, as well as a part of themselves.

       "Justice will be is only a matter of time"

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