Monday, November 28, 2016

Jodi's Sister's....More Members of the Cult of Jodi??

I saw this post on Jodi's timeline.  Majority of what she posts I ignore because of its lack of relevance to Ron's and my life.  However, this post is relevant because it is in reference to her children, of which she has four. Two of them being Ron's daughter and son, Shelby and Ronald. My comments are in blue.  Jodi's are in black.  Links are in red.

My sisters need to learn I'm not a toy nor are my children. I get a sense of victim hood in this statement. That she perceives her sisters are playing games of manipulation with her and her children.  I have a question to ask about this because she says the same thing about Ron and I when we reach out and try to connect with Ron's children.  Why does she say this repeatedly about other members of Shelby and Ronald's family that she can't control?  Their two aunts (her biological sisters), Ron (their biological father) and his partner (me)?  IMO, there is an under current of malevolent alienation on her part of isolating these kids from their true family members going on here.  The "truth" perhaps?  The "truth" that she has kept from Shelby and Ronald all these years??   I can not stand the things they do or say and will never trust them in my life so I keep a lot of my life to myself rather than share it. I'm not up for their games. I am grateful for my life without them. Could this be because their "truths" are different from hers? Just as Ron's and my "truths" are different too; which tells a different version. That in reality she is not the same person she professes to be.  She can't handle the real story of what she did in her life and needs to hide it from Ron's children, Donald and his "Griffing" family.  I hope so. Any "red flags" for Shelby and Ronald as to why she has alienated them from their biological families on her side as well as Ron's?  Maybe to keep them all from talking to one another to keep the truth at bay, perhaps?  To keep them in her Cult?? I wish I had sisters I just have my in law sisters who are better on their worst days than my sisters on their nicest. Love you Glenna Barbara, Melanie, Rebecca, and Joyce who keeps us safe from above and my bestest me Jodi Rae. Love you my sweet sisters.  Are these sweet sisters members of the Cult of Jodi that only know Jodi's perspective of what transpired in her life prior to moving to Oklahoma with Donald.?  They are her Narcissistic Enablers, just as Donald is too.  They haven't bothered to find out the rest of the story that Jodi wants hidden from them?  Once again, I hope so.  These kids are deserving of knowing the "truth", no matter how painful it may be for them to reconcile. This has been a long time in coming.  19 years long. As John Lennon says "We All Shine On" despite Jodi and her convoluted lies.  We're still here... The Story Ain't Over! 

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