Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Regarding Jennifer...The Toxic Madness Continues

I have a few things to comment on regarding an email/FB page posts from the obsessed alienator in my life pertaining to Jennifer, "the babysitter".  Time for a "Reality Check", again.  Even though I know that arguing with someone who is delusional is a waste of time I'm writing this blog for her members of the "Cult of Jodi"her Enabling Sisters and Ron's children who to my mind need a wake up call as to her insanity which you are endorsing.  First of all, what is wrong with all of you??  Are you all just as "off your rocker's" and as "nuts" as she is?? Do you all buy into her delusions?  Really?....eye roll.  The second reason is to show how the toxic insanity of an obsessed alienator can affect peoples lives in a destructive and adverse way.

Recently, she (being Jodi) seemed to either be manic or angry or both and felt the need to share an email with me from an angry woman named Jennifer who vented her anger and frustration at her for three things:

1. She, being Jodi, was an incompetent mother noted by this woman when she was but a 14 year old teenager, some 19 years ago.

2.  Jennifer, then a 14 year old, had agreed on occasion to babysit for Shelby and Ronald at the time because she felt sorry for Ron being left with his children to take care of alone because their mother, Jodi was off doing other things rather then helping him as she should.

 3. She, being Jennifer was also angry at Jodi, for putting her as an adolescent in a compromising position if indeed her (Jodi's) supposed allegations of abuse had actually been true. Which has been my vexing all these years too.  If a person even suspects a hint of abuse of any kind why would you leave children alone with them repeatedly??  Why did she leave Ron alone not only with the babysitter, but his children Shelby and Ronald when sometimes she'd be gone all night long to their neighbors (Donald Griffing's relatives) partying with them?  Doesn't make sense.  Never has.  This is where the inconsistency of her lies aren't rational with the reality of her actions. Neither does it make sense that Jodi would turn around and send me this angry email stating that the anger Jennifer holds towards her is Ron's fault.  What?  Psychological Projection going on here? Sarcasm Warning!!: Just how much of a clueless narcissist are you Jodi in your need for blame shifting??  It is clear in the email as to why she is angry with you.  It is because of who you are. It is because of what you did.  Do you not take any responsibility when someone is angry and pissed at you?  She has every right to be angry with you. IMO, you owe that young woman an apology for what you put her through as a child! Just how clueless can you be?  Not only was there no rape or abuse of any kind, Ron never ran off with her for 8 months either.  To Texas of all places?  All of that is a blatant LIE! The first time Ron was in Texas was the summer of 2015 when he was commercial truck driving.  Just how "fruit loopy" are you in your deluded fantasies?  The truth to all of this is; After the false allegations of abuse were made, the CPS investigation completed, no allegations of any child abuse were substantiated to have happened at all. No merit. No truth. No evidence. No charges filed.  Everything was dropped.  Jennifer, recanted her false allegations.  She witnessed the coaching of the other children in their false allegations including herself by Jodi and the other parents Kelly and Daniel (Donald Griffing's relatives).  She came to Ron and apologized for what she had done.  They both continued to live in Kalispell after you, Jodi with Donald's money and asistance, absconded with Ron's children.  They would see each other in passing from time to time.   She felt bad for him regarding what you (Jodi) and Donald (and his Griffing relatives) had done to him. Quite savvy for a 14 year old teenager I'd say.  End of story.  Not nearly the same mellow drama you conjured up in your skewed mind.  All to justify running off with Donald? Right? I've never bought into any of your delusions...hahaha...shakes head.  They don't make sense. They're nothing compared to reality.  Once again, they are LIES!!  There are Two Sides to Every Story and yours isn't credible, consistent or true.  Sarcasm Warning again!:  Kinda funny that Joe is wearing a Mickey Mouse ears... haha! Reminds me of what it has been like dealing with you all of these years with your flat out "Mickey Mouse" craziness.

Further, Jodi, IMO you are nothing more then an internet troll who enjoys creating havoc and sowing emotional discord in order to provoke an emotional response for your perverted amusement. You're a lying habitual bully.

No Feeding of the Trolls on any of my pages or blogs

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