Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Part 2: Rebuttal to posts made by Emm A Lee on my Facebook Page

"People that have nothing to hide, hide nothing"  Dr. Phil

  This is the second of my rebuttal to posts from Emm A Lee whose words are in black and mine are in green

For one, Susan.. I am not yours and never will be your child. To enlighten you. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you are my step children whether you like it or not. That isn't something you get to choose.  It is a "fact" of life. (if you are one of Ron's children that is)  Two, you can not diagnose me your not a psychologist.  I'm sharing my opinion and perspective as your step mother.  That is all.  I never said I was a psychologist.  That is your preoccupation...not mine.  BTW, an FYI, R.N.'s are trained to make "nursing diagnosis", that is part of being a nurse.  Your a person who hears Rons words and solely his words. To enlighten you seem to have forgotten I have lived in Montana and had plenty of time to discuss what transpired in Kalispel surrounding the abduction of Shelby and Ronald, the theft of Ron's belongings along with the unsubstantiated CPS reports with numerous people.  I never based my determination on soley what  Ron has shared with me.  I am not that naive in such matters.  I've interviewed various people ie. law enforcement, Ron's family, Jodi's family, friends etc. to gain my perspective on the situation. I am far more worldly and experienced in such matters then you seem to have the impression  My conclusions arrived from objective gathering of accurate information (not gossip or speculation, such as yours have been), deductive rational reasoning and interviewing people who were actually involved.  How about you? Relying solely on "mommy dearest" for the source of all of your information, the selected CPS reports, police and court information that she picked out herself to share with you to form a biased perspective, not an objective one?  Rather one sided and subjective if you are choosing to believe gossip and speculation rather then getting actual facts with evidence.  Not a well informed adult decision.You have the issues. Your the problem not an answer and your way will never get us to like you or Ron.and again you assume, her? Lol why because you think* im a girl? We ALL have issues in this matter, because you are Ron's children which makes it a "Family" issue.  Denying it, is not going to change the "fact" of it.  Anyone who hides behind an aliases anonymity to make their point known is not credible with me. They lack integrity and character.  They are a fearful person lacking confidence in themselves by making themselves known in a legitimate fashion as a mature, capable, responsible adult. Whether you are a male or female doesn't matter to me.  What evidence do you think we need? Real "factual" evidence, not a made up story of speculation and gossip.  Ron saying hate your mom? Ron,nor I, have never said for you to hate your Mom.  That is your misinterpretation of what we are saying imposed with your negativity, not ours.  It is up to you if you choose to come to that conclusion yourself. We are sharing the "truth" from our perspective...that is all.  You trying to make it into something else is not accurate.  Thats not evidence and him blaming her for things he did? Ron & I  take full responsibility for whatever either of us has done in our past.  We own up to our mistakes for that is what being an adult is all about. The "truth" based on fact, that is, not the misconstrued embellished lies of a psychopathic pathological liar.   Thats not evidence. You're right, factual evidence, not speculation and gossip. A person is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.   His confession in his own handwriting..evidence Which when you are ready to take the time and talk to him you'd find out the mitigating circumstances involving Shelby, Ronald and Jodi which may enlighten you  Until such time, your ignorance is bliss, one might say.  mental health records from a mental health facility...evidence Embellishing and misconstruing his medical records and police reports with inaccurate information to assert a negative agenda is not evidence of the "truth" only a self serving agenda to denigrate and undermine with defamation of character.  Especially, when I have explained to you what really happened from someone who was there and you'd rather be deluded.  ...3 children stating abuse Children stating abuse that have been coached is fabrication.  Yes, I said coached as witnessed by the babysitter (who supposedly was another victim, and yes, another sarcastic....Yeah Right!).  That is not evidence.  That is not fact.  That is not accurate. That is not the "truth".  That is another lie. If anything had seriously transpired CPS would not have dropped everything for being unsubstantiated false allegations. Which is what happened. Which once again, is fact.  and Rons mother...evidence... Misconstruing Ron's relationship with his own mother is not the "truth"; only further denigration by needing to make up stories.  That is not evidence. Only gossip. ya your right we still need help and protection, from You  No you don't need protection from us because you are being manipulated by brainwashing to believe lies that can not be corroborated to have any sense or bearing of "truth" to them.  Example...ALL CPS reports were never substantiated.  In the US Judicial system a person is innocent until proven guilty.  No one ever proved Ron guilty of anything brought forth in any CPS report because there wasn't any evidence. 

 As far as his belongings they were given to his brother. The mobile home we were in was a rental the landlord moved us out of to put us in a different residence. Not Rons house. He didnt own the place. My mom wouldnt want his clothes or his stupid model plane
Whether Jodi and Donald took Ron's belongings to Oklahoma or gave them to his brother is irrelevant because what they did was still theft.  It was wrong.  No matter what kind of spin Jodi wants to put on it.  The reality is, Ron, never gave either of them permission to take any of his belongings. BTW, for the sake of discussion, I have been to his brother's home in Montana, hmmm....funny he never mentioned having any of Ron's belongings nor did Ron see any of them there.  Another lie by the same pathological liar.  I'm getting tired of the redundancy of the lies being told.  It gets very old...tedious...quite quickly.

 The allegations from cps were never dropped. Ron was told not to come around the kids and he still insisted doing so risking them being put into state care for protection. The mom took the kids not needing Rons permission to protect them. As for lies, we have read our share on your blogs and posts. If we go through therapy you will never be told, youd twist it and post it to the world. According to you, you have all the rights and everyone else us wrong. Just like your laughable post about the attorney. We had our own representation. Our attorney wasnt the same. You assume way to much. If Ron chose not to pay 90 in child support that a judge ordered, regardless of his excuses, he made the choice. So quit blaming my mom for his lacking and quit showing your green streak. Leave us alone and out of your life issues. And dont complain when people post fact over your fantasy freedom of speech isnt just yours we just are bot coward enough to drag people around with ys in lies. Thats the difference between us. You smile through this bcause your enjoying causing problems
Yes, I will correct you here. Again, ALL allegations were dropped by CPS for being unsubstantiated.  ALL, were false allegations.  Ron discussed the situation quite extensively surrounding the CPS investigation; he knew that if he did not leave the home, the children would be put into state care.  The final choice/decision was his to make as their parent.  He did come get his clothes and within 24 hours Jodi did have a restraining order.  So, because of the restraining order there was no need to leave during the investigation.  However, she chose to leave anyway.  Again, to reiterate, Ron knew better then to come around because it was his decision for him to leave in the first place or the children would have to.  Anything else Jodi, says about it, is another lie. Jodi did not have his permission to take the children. They were abducted. Again, nothing was substantiated by CPS; that they needed to be protected from, plus there was a restraining order in place during the investigation.  Anything else is a lie made up by Jodi to give a reason why she had Donald come from Oklahoma and they absconded with them. There was no justification for what she did. Or for what Donald did.  He meddled in the affairs of another man and his family without finding out the "truth" first.  It was none of Donald's business.  He had no right to be there.  He had no right or valid reason to abduct Ron's children.  For clarification: It is none of my business whether Ron's children go to therapy or not...only theirs.  Neither of us need to know.  Yes, I will say Jodi and Donald are wrong for what they did.  I never said no one else has any rights here.  I'm willing to compromise with credible people who interact with me in a credible manner using their real names...not aliases.  Which Shelby and Ronald have never chosen to do. So, once again that is on them if they are incapable of communicating effectively.  To clarify again:  The attorney I was referring to was in regards to the custody hearing of Shelby and Ronald (not adoption, because Ron was never notified by any court that his children were up for adoption, whether you want to believe it or not). They did not have any legal representation of any kind.  That is a fact.  I do know what I'm talking about and apparently you don't. You are once again, uninformed.  Ron requested a mental health evaluation for Jodi, a guardian ad litem for Shelby and Ronald, that they be put into foster care rather then left with their mother because of her inability to adequately parent Shelby and Ronald. She was already proven as an unfit mother by the state of Washington pertaining to her other two children.. Which was ignored by the court because the children and Ron did not have an attorney there representing them and Ron was not present himself for the court proceedings to advocate   Furthermore, to be clear, Ron never received any notification from the court that he was to pay child support.  Not an excuse.  Just fact.  Why ever in the world would Ron & I have a "green streak" pertaining to Jodi and Donald?  They have nothing in their lives and have done nothing in their lives that either of us would be jealous of?  They are horrific and appalling individuals making egregious mistakes and abusing Ron's children.  Nothing to be proud of...let alone jealous of.  I smile and laugh at the absurdity of assertions made about Ron and I.  I will continue to laugh at the ludicrous necessity for making up such fantastic stories.  I do not enjoy causing problems.  I am not the one who initiated all of this because of their own selfish needs. Jodi is.And so is Donald. Again, what they did was morally and ethically wrong.  I will respond because it does include me.  I will not tolerate a liar and their need to use and abuse others for their own gratification.  I will always be Jodi's public, outspoken "Nemesis"...always!!  Which you don't seem to be able to wrap your brain around and your issue...not mine. 

 Actually, you removed the ones showing that your in the wrong and hid the parts you thought got you excited. If it was to much you would quit addressing me abd quit posting my photos and name all over the internet acting like your a victim. Your using peoples feelings to get sympathy for your mistakes. Its pretty pathetic when a 60 year old woman harasses kids into their adult hood and then cries victim.
I've stated the "facts" many times. It is obvious that you are unable to resolve your delusions based on gossip and speculation with the reality of those facts no matter how many times you are told.  If my opinion, on a topic that involves me, harasses you there is not much I can say about that other then, that is too bad for you. I'm entitled to my opinion, just as you are to yours.  You coming to my pages, using an alias to barrage me with angry hostile emails is not going to change my opinion.   Soooo...again, It is your mental illness and you're welcome to it.  I will include a smiley face here because you choose to be crazy rather then getting the help you need... kinda like your Mom?? :-)

Your boyfriend is an alcoholic, is violent proven by many court documents from many people, a theif and convicted Burgalar admitted drug addict and is diagnosed with two severe mental health issues requiring medications he does not take. Who needs to face facts?
Your Defamation of Character and PAS continues.  I will explain.  Yes, Ron suffers from the disease of alcoholism and has been sober almost 11 years.  That is nothing to be negative and embarrassed about.  Both of his children are born with the propensity for it too.  They may be alcoholics as well. It is not a character defect, but a physical illness.  I'm very proud of him in dealing with his health issues head on and being the credible man he is.  I believe you are lieing pertaining to the "violent proven by many court documents from many people" statement in your need to make him into something he is denigrate and vilify. I believe that sounds more suited to Jodi, then Ron.  I know of 3 separate individuals on 3 separate occasions myself that have had the misfortune of having to deal with Jodi and her propensity for physical violence.  Wonder why I know about them and you don't??   The felon issue, is multifaceted, which you apparently are not privy to all of the information and the involvement of Shelby, Ronald and Jodi in the outcome.  Which may enlighten you some day if you took the time to find out everything that transpired. But, you seem to rather bask in the not knowing, then the knowing of the "truth" pertaining to yourself, which is on you.  No admitted drug embellished lie.  Ron isn't and has never been addicted to any drugs.  Never was diagnosed with two mental illnesses or need for medication....another embellished lie. I've explained this to you as having lived with him these past 15 going on 16 years as well as the interpretation of the medical health records from myself as a health care professional (retired) which you'd rather not believe and live in a delusional state of denial. Which again, is a mental health condition you apparently suffer from. Again, I don't believe I can say it enough go get the mental health help you need for your own sake and the sake of each of your children.   
  If your posting about us, your going to get my thought. Okay, I can appreciate other peoples perspective. From someone credible that is, rather then an alias stalker...doesn't gain my respect. Whats with the teenage music dedication? Cant speak for yourself? Just because you cant move on doesnt mean we cant. We have. We are just sick of you and your games. Your like dealing with a child who thinks the deserve whatever they want. Your only making things worse by the day. You have only fixed your ego
U2 and Bono, is not teenage music. Are you serious??  LOL!!  Whatever??  Oh I can speak for myself quite eloquently when I want to...U2 just does it so much better.  You seem to desire to remain "stuck" and being deluded with the brainwashing rather then getting help for yourself.  Do you like to revel in the hatred, fearfulness, misery and suffering created by your mother, of being deluded into believing things happened to you that didn't??  A masochist are you??  Or is it laziness because you like living in convenience of the false paradigm?? Don't want your "boat rocked"?? Needing to live the "perfect life"??  Well, life isn't perfect, just as people aren't perfect.  It is messy, confusing and people make mistakes.  We all have egos,yes.  Maybe some of this is ego driven...or is it the "Truth" that drives me?  I don't take too kindly to someone making up lies about me, hacking into my FB account, harssing my friends and family with their lies, including my dead parents and friends along with my son in their denigration and vilification of me. So, if you can't tolerate or understand my anger...that is your problem. I don't play games.  I'm a straight shooter/talker which has been known to upset people and make them uncomfortable.  But, at least you know what you get with me and where you pretense here.  I don't sneak, connive, use fake aliases to stalk and harass people.  Then misconstrue what they say and do, by turning it into something else that serves my negative agenda...a lie.  That is the only thing your Mom is good at...and now I guess that is the only thing she has taught you to do and to be good at too.  To be liars, connivers, sneaks, cheats, stalkers, harassers and con artists. Maybe Ron & I aren't missing so much in a loss of a relationship with his children if that is the kind of people they have been taught to be. An FYI; a parent doesn't "move on" from having children or "give up" on them.  Your children, will always be your children. No matter what.  Nothing in life will change that. One would think you know that since both of you are parents yourselves.  Furthermore, if you have "moved on" as you claim, then why do you keep coming to me with your hostile interactions?  I don't stalk, harass and bother you.  Why do you think it is alright for you to bother me??  So, really who is incapable of letting go here?? Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black to me.  I'm not going to address the "child" comments other then I will not be parented by children who do not have the maturity to interact with me on an adult level. Children who need to stalk people, use aliases to harass and get their voices heard.  Talk about immature, insecure, dysfunctional and irresponsible.  Isn't it time for you to grow up??

 Fyi just because we dont accept you and your issues does not mean we are not well informed. We dont appreciate being used for your drama. There is no need for our names and photos to be used. You do that for your selfish need for attention. We dont want to be in your lives accept it and move on.
The only comment I'm going to make here is...It is obvious to me from your responses that you are not well informed.  It is apparent, you haven't bothered to take the time to do the research; gather all of the pertinent documentation and interview people who were actually around in your lives surrounding your abduction.  For clarification and I will be redundant again because you keep bringing it up; I did not go out of my way to create this dysfunctional mellow drama that WE are all involved in and will be for the rest of ALL of our lives.  Your toxic mother perpetuated all of this in her dysfunction and unwillingness to compromise and share her children with their father.  That is the bottom line to all of this.  This is never going to go away. Just as we aren't.  We will always be here for you. However, everyone's issues can be resolved with positive effective communication and a willingness to compromise.  Jodi created this negative scenario with the assistance of Donald and their self centered needs.  Put the responsibility on the shoulders of the persons who started it all.  This is how I am choosing to respond to it. Like it or not.  It is what it is.

Susan if you dont want my imput the quit posting about me and to me. Its that simple and dont act as if we want anything to do with you. You harass us to no end then cry fowl and victim. Ron lost his rights because he refused to pay child support after losing custody for mental health issues. Thats not fictional its fact. For a woman in her 60s you woukd think you would be past the "look at poor me" phase. You wondet why you arent wanted around? You did that yourself with seven years of lies and telling people we were abducted. We were not stolen. Ron was removed when the baby sitter claimed rape! You get your facts straight and leave our names and our childrens names and our photos off your pages! We are not your sympathy trip!

Again, I do have my facts straight and it is obvious to me you do not. The only thing here I'm going to respond too of significance is that your stating Ron was removed because the babysitter claimed rape is another unsubstantiated false allegation. The fact is, that is a cruel and vicious lie which you are perpetuating. There is absolutely no evidence to what you are saying as having any kind of merit or "Truth". Shame on you for being the despicable and disgraceful person you are lacking any kind of integrity and character.  What you are doing is Defamation of Character, without any viable credible evidence or fact to back up what you are saying as the truth. In actuality, the babysitter was witness to Jodi coaching Shelby in her false allegations for CPS.  Now, that is the "truth" from the person who witnessed it.  Again, shame on you for being so reprehensible.  Statements, such as yours is why I advocate for victims of this kind of abuse.  Why I've gone public to share the disparaging, undermining and conniving nature of an alienating parent and the abuse of children. Your comments are precisely why I will never stop as long as I live from being publicly open and sharing the "Truth" of what it is to be a victim of such an heinous and self serving person.  A Psychopath, who has IMO committed a Hate Crime.

Here is the link for

Petition to The Senate/Congress of The United States of America to Stop Parental Alienation By Making it A Crime Punishable By Law

I encourage you to sign the petition and add your letter to your state representatives and President Obama.  I did.  Ron and I have been asked in the past to testify in court proceedings to change laws regarding parental alienation.  If asked to testify before The Senate/Congress of the United States of America we will.


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