Monday, January 26, 2015

Part 1: Rebuttle to post made by Emm A Lee on my Facebook Page

  "Hatred does not come naturally to a child. It has to be taught. A parent who would teach a child to hate the other parent represents a grave and persistent danger to the mental and emotional health of that child."  The Honourable Judge Gomery of Canada

This is the beginning of my rebuttal to posts from Emm A Lee whose words are in black and mine are in green

Your so far off. We have our brother and sister in our lives. You have no clue. We have ALL the court records. All the CPS records as well?  I know of 3 separate incidences of Jodi being reported to CPS by 3 different individuals in Lakewood and Spanaway in Pierce County Washington in reference to neglect and abuse of Shelby and Ronald.  We dont like you because your selfish, a liar, and vicious. Get over yourself. We have read all the emails and posts and all the court papers and your the only one with the mental illness. Check your other folder. We have asked you politely to leave us alone. We wont ask again.   As I've stated before, It is my prerogative and Freedom of Speech to write my blogs and I will continue.  I have not contacted you whoever you are.  You are the hostile ones contacting and harassing me with your emails.  Neither Shelby nor Ronald have ever contacted me credibly as themselves either in writing or via the phone....ever.  I believe Ronald may have contacted Ron a couple of years back...but nothing recent.  Plus, Ron is not me.  If you have an issue with me you need to contact me directly.. Using fake profiles is not a contact that I view as credible and will not take it seriously.  Next time it will be through the courts. Fine with me.  Bring it on.  Your threats don't frighten me.  I have done nothing wrong or to be embarrassed about. You are nothing but a disappointing, stalking. cyberbully...not a loving child of any kind.  You cant force people to have feelings for you  I, as an adult am quite aware of that.  My purpose here is not to be your friend or to be liked by you.  My purpose here is to share the "Truth".  I didn't ask to be your step mom.  It was a situation I happened into because of my love for your father.  I am a very happy mother of a beautiful and loving son of my own.  Who is far more of a loving. empathetic and compassionate child to Ron then either of his own children.  Know why??  Because he was raised decently by a loving Mom and Dad who taught him how to love unconditionally.  Which it is haven't been taught any kind of tolerance or respect for your own biological father....only hate.  Jodi and Donald's lack of parenting skills (even after they were both court ordered to parental class/counseling) is apparent in your maladaptive behavior.   I was quite done with having children when I met Ron. My son had been living out on his own as an adult for years when I met him. No need or desire for me to go back to raising small children again.  I don't need or desire your love or attention either, especially as conniving, cruel and abrasive as your are. You are "toxic" your mom.  That isn't a compliment.  Only a great disappointment.

 We were not abducted children either. Thats a massive lie to get sympathy from people who have been alienated and suffer from it. They are playing people for fools for attention and sympathy.  It is not a lie.  It is the "truth". Your father Ron did not give his permission for Jodi and Donald to abduct and abscond with you. Or to steal all of his belongings.  Plus, you did not need protection from him because nothing happened.  Everything was dropped by CPS.  No arrest was made. No charges of any kind were filed. No court proceedings were ever pursued. He never went to all over any of it.  That is all of your mother's fantasy...her delusion. Her conspiring excuse to run away with Donald, her lover.  Who BTW, do you think was babysitting you all night long when she was out partying with Donald and the rest of his relatives when he came to town?? Your father Ron, that is who.  I bet your Mom intentionally forgot to mention that  How minute he is a built in babysitter so she could be gone all night long with her lover and the next minute he is a child abuser.  As a mother myself, I wouldn't leave my child one minute alone, yet all night if I suspected any kind of abuse.  Her own lies and lack of consistency don't make sense.  Any wonder why I don't believe anything she says??? However, if you are gullible enough....well that is on you. Yet, you deny being brainwashed or have any desire to understand what transpired in your own life.  Sounds like "denial" to me. We are not seeking nor do we desire anyone's attention or sympathy.  That is not our motive here....the "truth" is.  That is the bottom line.

 Im sorry but when there is proof and evidence and the father admits the things to the police, its not alienation. When the father tells you your a little shit and yells at you and threatens to press charges on you for not wanting to talk to him we are not going to happily meet that. Well, your father did admit things in writing; which is just part of what happened.  Your involvement as small children is not there, neither is your mother's.  How suitable for you to choose to only accept in small part of something for your justification of your hatefulness.  Sounds like more brainwashing to me.  Doesn't sound like a truly informed decision.  Your father Ron had a point and maybe you needed to be chided because you were a little shit for what you said in your own words.  You said that you were raped by him and that if he showed up in Oklahoma that if the cops didn't shoot him you would.  You threatened his life over a lie in an email. A vicious one at that.  And you say I'm vicious? He never harmed you and you know it.  What happened to the little 4 year old girl who promised him the last time she was with him that she loved him and would never forget about him?  Where is she now??  What happened to you?  What did your mother and Donald do to you for you to be so hateful and such a liar? That is why you are a little shit and why he was considering pressing charges against you. It had nothing to do with you not wanting to talk to him.  He knows it is going to take both of you quite a while before either of you feel comfortable in the presence of the other under these circumstances. He has talked quite extensively to the judge in Maine and the police when we visited Guymon, Oklahoma last spring on how he should pursue this matter.  You, Shelby are accountable for what you do and say along with the ramifications that go with it.  Weren't you taught any personal accountability and responsibility for what you say and do by Jodi and Donald?  You are seeming to be just as antisocial and sociopathic as Jodi.  Nor will we want to meet someone who has posted lies all over the internet about us. Some people DONT DESERVE KIDS It goes both ways.  People are entitled to their own perception of a situation...that isn't a lie.  Making up a fantasy that isn't what truly transpired is a lie.  Which your Mom has a known history of doing.  She is a pathological liar.  Alternatively, some kids don't deserve the love of their parents because they aren't worthy of it either. I find you wanting....and presently undeserving.  Just because we wont conform to their way doesnt make my mom an ailienator. We don't expect anyone to conform to our way of thinking.  However, IMO your Mom is a classic Stage 3 Obsessed Alienator as described by all of the Specialists in Psychotherapy treating Parental Alienation.  Plus, your a classic severe stage child displaying Parental Alienation Syndrome.  I don't need to be a psychologist to make that observation.  I'm your step mom and a retired R.N. who did go through psyche training. So, if you want to be in denial...that is on you and the insanity that goes with it us all yours until you get the help you need. It makes us not as stupid as the drunk druggy burgalar wishes us to be! Here we go again. More name calling, denigration and vilification by your own words and you deny that Parental Alienation and Parental Alienation Syndrome isn't real.  Your hateful name calling is a prime example of the hatefulness your mother imbued you with.  BTW, alcoholism is a disease just as diabetes is a disease.  Your ignorance is showing by you referring to him as a drunk.  He has been sober for 11 years. He works hard and is a wonderful provider.  Which you would know if you bothered to get to know us for who we really are, rather then the figment of your mother's imagination that she has brainwashed you with.  Plus, you are an adult child of an alcoholic and definitely could use some education on alcoholism and how it relates to people and their lives, especially your own.  My father was an alcoholic and I never would have called him a drunk.  You are are a sadistic and disrespectful child.  Shame on you.  Someone needs to admonish you for not being a nice person.  Talk about appalling and ill behavior.  I suggest you go to Alanon.  You have a lot to learn before you come anywhere close to being a caring and compassionate individual of anyone with the disease of alcoholism.  Furthermore, your mother was the serious "druggy" if you want to use your own euphemistic who chain smoked, did crank and why there were at least the 3 CPS reports that I know about that had to do with Shelby and Ronald. Who knows how many relating to her other 2 children.  Sad to say Her smoking is probably a contributing factor as to why she needs a double lung transplant.  It probably isn't all because of Alpha One, even though that is what she wants everyone to believe. Try looking up Ronald cornett and Susan arendsee and see what they have done... Real class act their We are not perfect by any means.  But, what is up on those pages is denigration, vilification and Defamation of Character by someone obsessed with alienating us and is not the "Truth" or currently relevant.  We don't eve live in Maine presently.  Everyone who knows us, knows that what is there is nothing but a bunch of embellishment by a desperate individual or individuals and they laugh at the absurdity of it all as do we.

 Have fun in North Carolina lmbo!!   We will Thank You very much.  This is not our first time here.  We've been to Jacksonville, Camp Lejeune and Sneads Ferry years ago.  Liked it very much.  We've had this trip planned for many years.  Long before Shelby, Miguel and Korah arrived here.  Our coming here had nothing to do with you or a desire to stalk anyone.  We aren't that kind of people.  Which once again if you got to know us for who we are you would know how ludicrous that is. And your not brainwashed??  Yeah right.  Believe me, we don't want to have part of "toxic" people who need to over react to a given situation and create mellowdrama for themselves.  We enjoy our peaceful happy life and do quite well without the hatefulness that goes with you.  When you are ready to grow up into a mature, rational and responsible adult, then we will be glad to see you.  Until then, it will have to wait.

 Your not a step parent, your not married to my father. Well, yes I am your step mom. We're common law married and very happy with each other over the past 15 going on 16 years.  Much happier, obviously then Jodi and Donald.  But, that is Jodi, always looking and hoping the grass is greener with another man.  Chris was his name wasn't it??  Your stuck with me, just like I'm stuck with you.  Lets get that clear. So, lets get that clear.  You trying to re-write history just like your Mom because you don't like the reality of the situation isn't going to cut it. I'm not enabling you in your delusion.   And you will never be a parent to us even though you wish you were. To bad.  Your stuck with Ron being your biological father and me being your step Mom as your parents whether you like it or not...nothing in life you can do to change it.  Your a needy person.  To be clear the only child in my life I'm needy for the love and attention from is my own son.  Your kind of attention I can do well without. I tolerate you and your presence.  No one ever said I had to like you, because I don't.  I find you ignorant, immature, uncompromising, hateful and selfish because you were raised badly.  Now, when the day comes and you change your ways or get a personality transplant then I'll reconsider.    Know why I tolerate you?? Only because Shelby and Ronald are Ron's children who he loves and misses very much.  To me, you are mean and hateful like your Mom.  She is the most evil, vengeful and hateful person in the world I have ever personally encountered or had anything to do with.  And poor you. Shelby, you're her minni me.  She created a spiteful, vindictive monster just like herself...lacking in love, empathy and compassion for another human being. You thrive for attention any way you can get it even if it means bothering the lives of people who dont want you in theirs.  That is fine with us if you don't want to find out the other side of your story and it's "truth" because you are not kind and loving people we would like to know. We will always be here for you Shelby and Ronald too, along with both of Ron's grand children when you decide change to become kind and loving children. Until then your hatefulness is no loss to us. Being a pushy liar doesnt get you anywhere with us. I haven't pushed anything on you and neither has Ron.  You come to our sites and read our perspective.  That doesn't make us pushy.  Just outspoken and opinionated. If anyone is pushy you are...coming to my sites and harassing me with your hatred. Do you know how many times pixidustbunnies told me that they hated me on my youtube channel?  60 times.  Now to me that is hateful.  A mean hateful person---that was a "Hate Crime" in my opinion. I've kept all of that documentation too.  YOU and RON ARE THE REASONS WE DISLIKE YOU AND RON! ITS YOUR PAST AND FUTURE< POSTINGS AS WELL AS NAME CALLING AND THREATS THAT GOT YOU NO WHERE WITH US! Move on and quit playing victim. your dead to us
s. both of you.. Well, on occasion our frustration and anger over this whole situation has gotten to us to the point of name calling, just has it has to you.  We all make mistakes in life from time to time.  For that I do apologize.  How about you?  Do you take responsibility for your name calling and apologize too? Whether you like it or not, Ron suing Jodi and Donald over what they have done to all 3 of you is not a veiled threat.  There is plenty of time to pursue that route if necessary and when Ron is ready to do it.  Why do you think we went to Oklahoma??  Sure wasn't for the view.  So your Psychopathic mother got her way in manipulating you and Ronald into hating us.  Like I said before..she wanted Ron dead and this was her way to get it. Because she was the one who is vindictive and jealous of the love between you two children and your father Ron. You two wanted to go everywhere with him.  Anytime you fell, got hurt or needed love and reassurance you came running to him. She couldn't handle it.  She was hateful and jealous of him.That is the crux to all of this.   And you don't believe in Parental Alienation?  You are nothing but a pawn to her and her scheming ways of child abuse. You're a victim of "Mommy Dearest" who needs a lot of help. we will never accept you in our lives no matter what. and trying to follow us is going to get you in jail. Its not flattering or cute.  We've anticipated your hatred.  It doesn't surprise us on how damaged you are.  "We are not as stupid as we look", as one of Ron's buddies has said many times :-)  Don't flatter yourself...we would never put our selves in harms way because of you or at risk of going to jail because of someone as hateful as you.  Why do you think we went straight to the courthouse next to the railroad tracks to see a judge and to the police department when we arrived in Guymon last spring?  Just, who threatened to take who's life over a flippin lie, remember??  If any harm should come to either of us, there is court documentation in Aroostook County Maine and a police report on record in Guymon, Oklahoma pertaining to you Shelby and the threats you made.

Here is the link for

Petition to The Senate/Congress of The United States of America to Stop Parental Alienation By Making it A Crime Punishable By Law

I encourage you to sign the petition and add your letter to your state representatives and President Obama.  I did.  Ron and I have been asked in the past to testify in court proceedings to change laws regarding parental alienation.  If asked to testify before Congress of the United States of America we will.

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