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Child Endangerment of Shelby and Ronald

Do you really want to go there, again? Well, since it was brought up again and Jodi is claiming that I am guilty of "Child Endangerment" by posting Shelby and Ronald's pictures in my videos, on my pages and public court documents that anyone can have access to so I decided that I would address the topic for clarification purposes and to share my perspective on the topic.  I guess it is time for another "Reality Check".

First, of all to be guilty of "child endangerment", that person needs to have the child in their custody. Which I don't. So nada, kaput.

Secondly, they are "Ron's" children. He, as their father, has given me permission to post their pictures and to share any information I have about them. If "you" don't like that and can't cope with it, tough. Get a life...or better yet a "Get a Clue Card".  Jodi keeps saying that he is not their father......delusional??? Ya think? As I said is time for another.."Reality Check".   However, any time Shelby or Ronald want to discuss what their father and I  have been doing in this public venue that displeases either of them......all they have to do is unblock their phone, call us and we can discuss it.  From my perspective, their omission is their consent. 1-207-868-3490

Thirdly, if "you"(Jodi) are so worried about me violating anyone's "privacy" by posting their pictures  have "you" looked at the Guymon High School Graduation pictures website recently that has Shelby's picture with her daughter Korah and boyfriend with her first and last name posted?  Even as an adolescent she has her father's blond hair and blue  Looks like a "Cornett" to me.
  Guymon High School Graduation Pictures
So does Ron's son Ronald.  He looks just like his father Ron on his Facebook page.

It is pure speculation on my part, but most likely the "privacy" Jodi is afraid of being violated or endangered is not Shelby or Ronald's but her own for she has done some unsavory and unscrupulous acts as well as spoken downright lies that she doesn't want to be made public or for Shelby and Ronald to know about as described in Ron's response to the court. So who is afraid of being embarrassed or the "truth" to be known? Not me. Not Ron. 
Ron's response for petition for custody in Texas County Court in Guymon Oklahoma

Jodi, is grasping at straws...again. Trying to find me guilty of  S O M E T H I N that she can have an excuse, any made up excuse to call the "police"...again...and it seems this is the best she can do. Jodi and Donald actually have been "guilty" of .....drum roll..."Child Endangerment".......themselves in recent years. Back in 2006, while they were going through their divorce, they had a confrontation in front of the children, Shelby and Ronald. Donald was arrested, jailed and the DA filed charges against him for Domestic Assault and Battery in the presence of a minor. Now isn't that "Domestic Violence"? Isn't that "Child Abuse"? Wasn't that most likely a "Felony Charge"? Jodi took out a restraining order on Donald. Isn't that.....drum roll.... "Child Endangerment"???  Jodi, was there and participated. Donald plea bargained with the DA. This resulted in both of them having to take "Co-Parenting Classes" ordered by the court as part of their divorce settlement. Hmmm??  So, Who is the"criminal"??? Here is another current situation involving Jodi as well.  How about recent court finding of indebtedness for which Jodi ended up Defaulting on, involving 9 attorneys.  Not just one or two attorney's, mind you, but 9. One of the things I've learned during my years is one needs to put their own house in order before casting dispersions on someone else.  So, if you are going to "throw stones" and put "false information" out there. Shouldn't you look to yourself first, Jodi? Who truly, is the one "guilty" of......drum roll....."Child Endangerment"? Not exactly a good parenting example of how to handle ones finances. After all, they've been in your custody. You put them there. You put them in harms way, by choosing Donald as your partner and not being able to manage your money properly. Who is the neglectful one here?  Arguing over a pair of car keys and getting upset because Donald said to Ronald you were "psycho"?  Now, how absurd is that?  Well, from my own experience with Jodi, I'd say Donald had a point....she is "psycho"  She is way beyond and incapable of any reasonable form of communication.  That is why we are all in the predicament we is all because of Jodi and her petty "craziness".

Oklahoma Criminal Law:

Circumstances That Constitute Witnessing

Citation: Ann. Stat. Tit. 21, § 644(G)

In criminal law: ''In the presence of a child'' means in the physical presence of a child or having knowledge that a child is present and may see or hear an act of domestic violence. For the purposes of this section, ''child'' may be any child whether or not related to the victim or the defendant.

Below is Ron's response to Jodi filing for custody of Shelby and

Ronald after her and Donald had abducted them and hid them from him for two years.

In his response, Ron requested that the court appoint a guardian ad lid em, put his children in foster care rather then allow them to be kept by their mother because of her mental instability and previous incompetence as a mother. Having already had two prior children removed from her care by the State of Washington. Furthermore, he requested that the court do a mental health evaluation of her because of her history of previous sexual abuse and drug abuse/Crank, as well. None of this was done. From my perspective the CPS and the court system in the State of Oklahoma was neglectful and let down, Shelby and Ronald for they did not look out for their welfare as their father, Ron, requested. Hence, who knows what other atrocities they've been exposed too because of Jodi and Donald's incompetence and poor parenting.

Am I outspoken regarding this? Am I arrogant?  Yes, no apologies. Do I have experience as a mother? Yes. I have a 35 year old adult son.  So, I do know what it takes to be a caring, competent, responsible parent and adult. In my opinion, Jodi and Donald are neither of these. Furthermore, when I worked as a health care professional, I myself, was witness to both child and elder abuse, making reports to APS and CPS as necessary.  So from a professional perspective I know of what I speak as well. Does it seem like I'm harassing Jodi and Donald? It depends on your point of view. From, my perspective I'm being an outspoken advocate pertaining to the neglectful and  incompetent parenting my step children have received and are receiving because I care about them. If whomever, reads by blogs doesn't like it...well, then don't come here. I will keep posting my point of view irregardless of Jodi's dissemination of misinformation pertaining to Ron and myself as she continually tries to defame our character in her need to promote her own agenda.  She has made up her "stories" because of her "delusional" need to vilify and denigrate us to prove herself as the "better" parent. Well, she's not a better parent and never will be or could ever possibly hope to be.  From the research I've done, the parent who abducts and hides their children is actually the one who is the least competent, responsbile or mentally stable of the two parents.  Because any competent, responsible parent wouldn't do it because of the ill affects on the abducted children.  So if Jodi feels challenged and threatened by me...then so be it.   She has had many many years to make amends and resolve this issue and has chosen not to.  She has stuck her head in the sand down in "dust bowl" Oklahoma...hoping we'll go away and not want contact with Ron's own children.   Well, Jodi, just because you make up a "perfect" world for yourself and live in a delusional/fantasy of your creation doesn't make it reality.  We're here knocking on your door with "reality".  As I've said before...your house of cards and this game you are playing will come tumbling down because it is built on a foundation of  LIES...not TRUTH and INTEGRITY.  If the TRUTH is "harassing" you...then it is, what it is.  Here is an example of Jodi's paranoid delusions....  So, so sad for Shelby and Ronald.  What she is putting them through.  We are not stalkers, predators or pedophiles...who will come and "get" Shelby and Ronald.  Those are all of Jodi's fabricated "delusions" that she is trying to pass off as "truth".  You're lieing again, Jodi.  Even her videos show her twisted skew and perspective on life.   I'm not embarrassed, nor am I embarrassing my son.  I've done nothing "wrong" to be embarrassed about. Ron hasn't either.  He never "harmed" his children as Jodi has claimed repeatedly.  She has no proof, no evidence. Ron was never arrested or charged with any form child abuse whatsoever.  It all has been made up by Jodi to such an extent that she even perjured herself in court with testimony that she witnessed Ron harming Shelby and Ronald.   She told her own children, Ron and his parents there was a "no third party contact restraining order".....that never existed.  Your lies will come back on you Jodi.  I will see to it.  I'm not quitting. I'm not going away.  Karma is a "Bitch" and I'm here to see it comes about, just like a "Boomerang".  The "truth" about Ron and his children's story, "The Other Side of the Story" will be told and re-told until the children are recovered. Until they know both sides of the story pertaining to what happened to them. Until they come to terms with their abduction and why they were abducted, the lies they've been told and are reunited with their father, Ron.  Shelby and Ronald deserve to know the "truth" about what their mother and Donald did to them and their father, Ron.  We will never give up.  We've been waiting all these long years for this time to arrive.  This is the road their mother, Jodi,  and Donald paved for them and their future because of the choices they made.  Just, as this and my other posts and videos are being made public.  It is the only way Ron and myself can communicate with Shelby and Ronald because of Jodi's stone walling and blocking any form of communication with them because of her "sick mind" as Ron puts it. Full of  her"delusions" and "fantasies".  If Shelby and Ronald want to "blame" anyone for all of this being public...look to your mother...she created this scenario for all of us because of her mental illness, for which she is accountable.  No more of being silent.  No more of enabling of Jodi.  Shelby and Ronald are now old enough to know the TRUTH.

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